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Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
's a good time. and his teammates have done so much for him. they're the ones that protect him. and defense gets the ball back for him. >> and what he r do they have in common? both eliminated from playoff dhz year. and despite winning in the last five seasons, he has never been considered a key quarterback. flako has got a message for him. >> i really don't care. you know? there are guy that's have to make a living. and if that is going to be me, i plan on being around for a while. if you want to continue to do it, i'll be here. >> interesting. the warriors were in chick tonight. a lot of people wondering how seth curry would react after being snubbed in all star slexz yesterday. kurt hinrick playing like an all star tonight unstoppable in the first half, up 31-13 after the first quarter no, better for warriors in the second quarter, little nate, wow. bank is open. bulls up by as many as 26. warriors getting back night. seth curry splashed, then david lee with two of the 19 first half points. warriors down 13 at the half. to the sharks looking good, they won their first three games scored
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
officers who served the city the last line of defense. his officers have been targeted and raising urgency to remove guns and those who use them from the streets. >> and if they're shoot being at officers it's likely they'll shoot at innocent people as well. >> last week, two officers were shot in the arm. >> defending the city against violence. >> an officer beaten and shot after being pulled from his car. he had been investigating a murder. police arrested two men for violations and say swun responsible for shooting officer in the arm and a second officer was shot in the leg. police arrested that shooter. to fight crime, police say they need witnesses to come forward. saying shortages present a separate challenge. >> people are like 20 staff short to be able to get to emergencies and you know, you stay online two hours, i'm sorry. couldn't get to you. there wasn't an officer available. >> police did not say if the pesh person had a connection to the shooting but did confirm he was wanted for outstanding parole violation. >> a bay area woman on a business trip to new hampshire was stabbed
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
defense attorney called it disturbing. that same report also showed the department actually went backward in complying with 51 reforms laid out by a judge. police were not in full compliance with 11 steps during the last quarter comparing with nine three months ago. those short comings include steps to review the use of lethal force and problems in dealing with accusations of police misconduct. >> another troubled bay area police department is facing a complaint of excessive force tonight. dan noyes is here with a preview of the investigation that he has coming up this evening. >> someone sent me this package with a letter saying he trusts us to present the facts. at the center of the complaint this video. a young man called police for help after being attacked but he got into a violent confrontation. >> one thing i promised my family is that i would protect them. zp if i'm not protected by the police force, who am i fight something who is my enemy? who am i protecting my family against? >> tonight at 11:00 how that officer took a comment from the victim very personally z we question the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3